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We are dedicated to helping individuals and marriages heal in the aftermath of marital infidelity. This includes: Physical sexual affair, sexual addiction or pornography addiction.

For Marriage 

We believe through personal experience that there exists a path of healing and wholeness and that by grace there is a way to help the next one come out of hopelessness. We have walked this road and there are many others who have experienced the same healing! We know hope may seem unrealistic when discovery first occurs, but we also know many marriages can not only survive after infidelity, but they can thrive and flourish!   

Here at His1 we want to give you tools, encouragement and understanding. We have resources for each spouse to navigate healing. We want to point you along a path to explore the possibilities for reconciliation. However, we believe in the individual man or woman in the marriage and we work with each ONE to help find God’s best for you! While our desire is that all marriages be saved, we know that sometimes that goal is not safe. We are here to promote healing first and foremost with God to achieve a lifelong healed existence.  

We believe a healed life comes from a relationship with God through his son Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit. However, you don’t have to have that figured out or all together to see yourself as His1. 

  • Anchor of Hope: Let us lead you as a married couple into a course that might just give you some Hope. Let us show you what you might consider. Can you even try again? Anchor of hope is a week by week class for you and your spouse that offers a look at what recovery might look like. We talk about subjects including: Is it possible? How long will it take? How do we not make it worse? What does it take? Will the pain ever stop?  

For the Betrayed 

  • First, if you have just discovered your spouse has been unfaithful, we know you are experiencing pain, confusion and tremendous anxiety.  

  • The pain and trauma that comes in the wake of discovering that infidelity has invaded the reality of your life can be overwhelming. We want to acknowledge this pain and shock. We understand that this reality has redefined your world. We get you are searching for answers to questions that you don’t even understand as you navigate this new unwanted arena.  

  • Give yourself grace! You may see your marriage as a dead-end road where you are now lost and far from where you ever intended to be. Don’t see yourself there alone! Jesus is there with you! He wants to restore to you hope through His love and help heal you! His tenderness to pick you up and put you on His shoulders can help you when you don’t know which direction to move or how to navigate the road.  

  • Let us encourage you to press into Him. You don’t have to have it all figured out! Just talk to Him about your pain, your anger, your broken heart. Invite the Holy Spirit to be with you and comfort you. Taste and see that the Lord is good and will meet you His1 in your broken place with all tenderness and compassion.

For the Unfaithful 

  • Sometimes we find ourselves living life and struggling as we wrestle with our thoughts and desires. Before we know it, we are far from where we intended to be. As we find ourselves off course and walking paths we never intended, we may feel hopeless and sense that in our own strength we do not have the power to find our way. In the brambles of life, we need someone good to come alongside us, cut away the thorns of life that have us stuck and show us there is a way to hope!  

  • We believe that the road to infidelity is pathed with many lies and seemingly unimportant decisions that reach out to snag us. Some of these lies are handed to us through our own broken past, some are ones that were taught to us, some are just escape mechanisms that lead us into the pool of quicksand where we become stuck. Whatever the road that leads us, we want all who are caught in the grip of sexual brokenness to know that Hope is real.  

  • At His 1 we are dedicated to helping marriages between men and women heal from the path of this brokenness. We are here to help you dig out from under the pain and the shame that may have become your close companions.  

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